About Me

Jayaprakash Nambaru is a certified life empowerment coach with passion to create possibilities in the world with the coaching process tools. He is also a certified NLP practitioner which makes him empower coaching sessions more effective. It’s your great dream, goals or objectives that can be realised faster in a better way when you hire me as a coach. Till then live strong and live with passion.

It’s your life… Make the most of it … NOW!!!

The Coaching Process

Make you feel certain even in uncertainty. Make yourself create more value for your time. Achieve more things in same time. Meet your life dreams, objectives and goals.

Jayaprakash Nambaru is a Graduate Engineer and an experienced corporate professional, a sensitive passionate contributor to socio environmental initiatives, A true friend of the unknown, compassionate Coach and NLP Practitioner. His experience of working in various organisations across INDIA, USA and Singapore makes him the right choice to guide and help clients with insights and enables him to choose apt techniques and processes that Suits Best for you.